The Building Reverberates Us

Bell towers are historically used to denote time, but say little about the activities that take place within or around the building. In this installation I choose to utilize a defunct bell tower to play back sounds that would indicate how much activity had taken place in the building.  I used several microphones in the building to collect and log sound thresholds from the previous hour. Then a computer would play from a collection of bell recordings of various lengths and intensities to reflect the data gathered. The sound played through 2 pairs of ~30' spring reverb mechanisms that encompassed both stairwells in college hall. The lengths were chosen to represent the reverb time of the building if it were just one big room. Once the sound went through the reverbs it was amplified out of 2 speakers in the front bell tower out to the green. Anyone near the building on the hour could hear the sound sometimes gently emanating and sometimes turning into a cacophony of shifting resonances. 

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